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JC Multimedia provides digital production services for your audio, video and/or website needs. Owner Jeff Clement is a voice actor, musician, sound designer, audio producer, video editor and web developer. The focus of the company is to bring high quality digital projects to life in a way that not only meets but exceeds client expectations.
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Aural Stimulation

06 Apr Aural Stimulation

Back in April of 2013, I started a side-project on YouTube by the name of Aural Stimulation. It’s a collection of high quality dramatic narrations, short horror readings, short fiction and monologues, audio productions, remixes and covers, original music and more.

How is Aural Stimulation different from JC Multimedia’s voice acting, voice-over, music and audio production services? It’s not. In fact, some of my clients’ work is featured on the channel. Think of the YouTube channel as personified extension of those service offerings; like a TV station or a radio channel. I actually took the YouTube channel concept one step further and created the official Aural Stimulation website as a means of consolidating all the YouTube and client productions and social media accounts into one place.

A lot of what you’ll find there is me having lots of fun trying new and different things. I intend to use it as a place to experiment and grow and improve my skill set. I have an absolute blast doing it too. The reason why is because it combines literally every single thing I’m good at and enjoy doing: web, voice acting, sound mixing, sound design, engineering, music, video editing and marketing. What a great way to stay sharp and have fun!

Check out the channel trailer above to get a taste of what Aural Stimulation has to offer.

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